As you can see… politics. Interesting. I have never really been interested in politics before this project. It has always struck me as something I didn’t really need to invest much time into. After all this, i can say that my opinion hasn’t really changed. I did learn how British and Canadian politics can change, and affect others.

At the start of the project we read the book “Lord of the Flies”. The book was good. It showed how  a group of british schoolboys in the 50’s would react, and survive on a deserted island. The book started out with them establishing a society and giving roles to everyone. The kids deteriorate to a point where they are rebelling against each other, burning the land they live on, and threatening each others lives.

We worked in groups to create explainer videos on the Canadian government. During those videos we included an animation and an 80’s school video parody. The making of the video was okay. We worked fine. The video came along nicely and i feel like we did a good job. My part was to work on the script and appear in the video.


At the end, i feel like I learned something about democracy and how it is better than chaos. I don’t know how this will help me in the future though, unless I am stuck on a desert island.

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