Worldview poetry

I feel pretty good about this project because I have put a good amount of work into it.

I made a quickish video showing them:

It took a good amount of work into the project and I am proud of what I have done.

Revolutions on trial

For the project that we had to, do we presented a mock trial in front of people at the winter exhibition. Before that we had to complete tasks about the revolutions. I researched the topic, did some preparation work like a mind map and other mini projects that helped me understand.  To pull the mock trial together, our team needed to work well together. I was nervous to present but proud of our work and that our side won the trial.

Video of presentation:


Continuity and Change:

I feel like I did well for this competency because I found how China changed after the revolution. I also found that if the revolution didn’t happen China would be more lopsided than it is today.


I noticed that I have helped my peers with work to help complete the goal, and I have improved by listening more to my peers which help complete group projects and personal projects.

Even though I didn’t learn as much as I wanted to, I still had fun. And I did find out some interesting facts, like one of the people that led the revolution, Sun Yat Sen, became the leader.  If I had the chance to I would have worked to improve some of the work I did by going deeper, but I am still proud of the project.