Atomic Habits

The main question of this post is “ how does balance in my life create opportunities.” Immediately I know I have a problem. From the videos we watched as a class, some guy named Shawn Achor was talking about how happiness affects work.

The Video:

After watching I knew that I was the perfect storm of what not to be. I am constantly tired for some reason, I could be happier and I am not as motivated as I was one or two years ago. I am trying to get better at working efficiently. I was excited to get better habits.

Next we read a book about Atomic habits. It’s meant to help us make good habits and break bad habits. Didn’t work. But I did see some habits that I could change to work for me. My goal for completing the book was to read 21 pages each week. Eventhough I had that goal, I didn’t manage to fully complete the book. From what I did read I found that it gave decent advice, but I don’t think it would work for me.

There were 4 chapters to this book. They are:

• Make it Obvious

Have a visual cue to help you complete work. For example: take your dog for a walk every day that it’s sunny. Oof you do this it would streamline reminders. Instead of having to comb through an app every day just remind yourself through the situation that your in.

• Make it Attractive

Make the task seem quick and exciting to complete. Have a reason to complete it. If you have a reason to complete the task it feels more natural and not like someone if forcing you to complete it. In the first year of PLP there was a post we had to do where we could chose anything to write about. It felt fun. I could go on a rant about anything I wanted to. That is because it seems natural. Not something that was guided by the teachers.

• Make it Easy

Make the task easier by simplifying, taking breaks, or by find something that is interesting about it. Have it seem like a hobby and not school work.

• Make it Satisfying

Feel good after completing the task. Schedule something fun after you complete it. listen to music during it. Work with family. Just do something that ether makes you happy that you completed it or do something that you like while doing it.

Overall I feel like I did learn from this project, but I don’t think that it’s helping solve my bad habits. I am happy that I did this and I am planning on finding some other way to help me create new habits.


In this project we were learning about Disney and how his theme parks shape and influence the experiences of visitors. Over the course of the projects we went to Disney world and created trend videos about ride reviews, asking people about Disney parks and how it affects them. Almost all of my videos were about reviews. Because that’s one of the only trends I can work efficiently on.

We were also tasked with creating a group video. For that video we decided to interview multiple people and ask how Disney has become so nostalgic for them, what movie holds a special place in their hearts and if Mickey Mouse’s core values have remained constant is Disney films. I feel like the video is doing well.

The group video:

I liked going to Disney World. Even though it’s overpopulated and cramped, it’s interesting to go to. I feel like the rest of the project could have been planned differently though. The videos don’t seem to work with the rest of it because some ]thing about Tik tok trends and a school project about Disney theme parks doesn’t seem to fit right. It could ether be changed by giving different option or by having the blog post and the main project being combined in some way. Anyway, I liked this project; I would like to do more stuff like this in the future.

Some of the videos that I created: