Vibrant Videos

Hello, recently I have been doing a project about movie making. In it we looked at old movies that help innovate it. Some of those movies are The Great Train Robbery, Edison sneezing, Train arriving, and many more. We created multiple movies which were fun to make. My favourites were the silent movie and the special effects movie. Some of the ways of making movies helped me because I learned more about transitions which helps cleanly change shots and angles. I have liked this project and I hope that we can do many more like it.

These videos are my favourites that I have made.

Tutorial video:

The video

Lawyer video:

Best movie ever

The war to end all wars

In this post I am going to go over my latest project. The project is about comics that show events in WW1. I liked this project because it was all about drawing and creating stories based around the battle we were given.


Create Effectively:

I feel like I have effectively created this project and even though I didn’t get as much detail as I wanted I did a good job. I am really proud of some of the drawings I did because I really put lots of detail into it.

Analyze Cause and Consequence:

I did this by showing what the battles could’ve looked like and I put in a description describing what it could’ve felt like after going through that war. This war helped many countries escape defeat at the hands of Germany, enabled France to keep its land, taught the world the perils of world wars, and lead to the deaths of many from many countries. The war was very unique in that it was largely trench warfare. Most wars since have been more technologically advanced, with more sophisticated weaponry used, meaning WW1 trench warfare has been seen little since.

Here is my project.

Overall I liked this project because it was fun making comics and I hope like there is going to be more projects like it.


Believe in good

Over the course of a couple weeks we we were reading a book about the 7 habits. I learned from it because I have learned how to change and be able to be more effective at work.


Empowered learner:

I have found that my iPad has helped me complete this because I have the book on it and I have competed all the worksheets for this on my iPad.

Creative communicator:

I have used technology to help me learn this because all the work I have done in PLP has been completed with my devices and I am happy that I have learned how to use it more effectively and quicker.

overall the project was ok but I feel like I haven’t learned enough from it.