Gold Rush

In this project we were tasked with writing a story set in the bc gold rush. We had to make the story interesting, and have it still be historically accurate with ether a fictional character or one that actually experienced it. My story was about a fictional prospector going to bc and trying to find gold. This has been one of the more fun projects that I have done because i get to write just about anything i want. I had some trouble shortening my story to fit the 2 page requirement, but i did manage to complete it. Overall this project was really fun, I feel like i learned more about storytelling and the BC gold rush from it.

My Story:

Tpol blog post


Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

over the year I have learned many things and found out a lot about myself. I have lots of projects that I really like that have helped me learn and I have some projects that didn’t benefit me. Some of those projects are:

WW2 comic

Revolution on trial

First film


Here are the ones I didn’t like:

7 Habits





Lab 2A

Business work

meiosis vs mitosis

Not so good:

Kahn academy



Electricity lab


Some of the things that should be changed in PLP are:

More open topics

less workbooks

no more Kahn academy

thanks for listening I hope to see you next time.

My business

For my business that I made I decided to make a smoothie company. I chose this because it is one of the things that I know how to make and it has high profits. This post is going to be short because most of it is explained in the video. Overall I really liked this and sometime I hope to create this business for real.


My first film

For my first videos I created a Silent film, a Documentary, and a tutorial video. The documentary was my favourite because I put in the most work and I made it myself. I would like to show it here but I can’t. The tutorial video is very funny because my team were mostly joking around when we made it.

tutorial video

The silent film was good but I’d rather not show it. Overall I feel like I had a good time and I want more projects like this next year.

Spring exhibition

This being the first exhibition that I have been presenting at made this interesting. I really liked this because I showed my learning. I found it to be very stressful but it did’t turn out too bad. Also while being next to Francis I saw what grade 8’s worked on, it was really good. The exhibition wasn’t the most eventful because there wasn’t much other than some parents quickly looking around. There were a few problems with my groups plans though, with signs, where people stood, and props changing shortly before or during the exhibition. I felt like I had worked quite hard and I am happy of the outcome of it.

The exhibition


Meiosis vs Mitosis

For this post I am going to briefly describe the last scimatics project. This project we created a video showing meiosis vs mitosis. The project was ok. I had a good amount of fun and learned from completing it. I am relatively proud of the video that I made. I have felt that there is not many examples of me finding a way to learn from this. I have leaned from the stepping stones though. Those stepping stones helped me by showing how to complete the main project. Over the course of the project I learned more about Meiosis and Mitosis and had a fun time.


questioning and predicting:

Over the time I spent researching for this project I have Learned more about meiosis and mitosis and I have liked it.

Planning and conducting:

I felt like I did a good job planning what I was going to do next and I worked effectively.

Scientific communication:

I put a good amount of  work creating the video and I felt like I did well even though the video was short.

My video:

Vibrant Videos

Hello, recently I have been doing a project about movie making. In it we looked at old movies that help innovate it. Some of those movies are The Great Train Robbery, Edison sneezing, Train arriving, and many more. We created multiple movies which were fun to make. My favourites were the silent movie and the special effects movie. Some of the ways of making movies helped me because I learned more about transitions which helps cleanly change shots and angles. I have liked this project and I hope that we can do many more like it.

These videos are my favourites that I have made.

Tutorial video:

The video

Lawyer video:

Best movie ever

The war to end all wars

In this post I am going to go over my latest project. The project is about comics that show events in WW1. I liked this project because it was all about drawing and creating stories based around the battle we were given.


Create Effectively:

I feel like I have effectively created this project and even though I didn’t get as much detail as I wanted I did a good job. I am really proud of some of the drawings I did because I really put lots of detail into it.

Analyze Cause and Consequence:

I did this by showing what the battles could’ve looked like and I put in a description describing what it could’ve felt like after going through that war. This war helped many countries escape defeat at the hands of Germany, enabled France to keep its land, taught the world the perils of world wars, and lead to the deaths of many from many countries. The war was very unique in that it was largely trench warfare. Most wars since have been more technologically advanced, with more sophisticated weaponry used, meaning WW1 trench warfare has been seen little since.

Here is my project.

Overall I liked this project because it was fun making comics and I hope like there is going to be more projects like it.


Believe in good

Over the course of a couple weeks we we were reading a book about the 7 habits. I learned from it because I have learned how to change and be able to be more effective at work.


Empowered learner:

I have found that my iPad has helped me complete this because I have the book on it and I have competed all the worksheets for this on my iPad.

Creative communicator:

I have used technology to help me learn this because all the work I have done in PLP has been completed with my devices and I am happy that I have learned how to use it more effectively and quicker.

overall the project was ok but I feel like I haven’t learned enough from it.

Metaphor machines

For this project my group and I completed a Rube Goldberg machine. I liked it because I got to help design a type of machine I liked. I think my team did well because we worked efficiently and completed the project relatively quickly. 

Questioning and Predicting: We completed our project effectively and were interested in what we were working on. We also came up with ideas and used all of our team to complete the project.

Reasoning and Analyzing: We made complete sure that we made all of the correct measurements. We also made sure that our final product had the same measurements as it did in the rough draft.

Planning and conducting: in the final product we used multiple planks of wood, a switch, and a light bulb with wires.

Scientific Communication: We used our project to show a metaphor about a solution and it worked out great because we used it well and we were proud of what we did.

Overall I think I could have done more to help but, it worked out very well in the end.