Canadian Nationalism

This most recent project that I did was about nationalism. Some things that I benefited from was that we had to research HBC and do something with it. I had some fun completing it and I am happy that it is done. I really liked it because I have learned a lot from it. My work team managed to complete a good amount of stuff. I also liked how we worked in groups because that helped me get a better caption and picture based of of their recommendations.  I have found that I have not liked the project that much because we couldn’t find our own case of nationalism and complete the project on that I would have possibly liked it more. Some of the things I learned some cool things about Canadian nationalism which are the amount of unfair trading where the British would get massive profit. Overall I have liked this project a lot but I still think it could have been better.

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Loon lake learning advance

For my blog I am going to show what happened on my Learning advance field trip. First of all, the leaning advance was not what I thought it was going to be like. I though that there was going to be a lot of activities and minimal work, but it ended up being the opposite. There was a lot of fun things that we did but it was overshadowed by the workload that we had. Some of the things I liked were the treasure hunt we did on the first day, laser tag gun thing and battle archery. Battle archery was the most fun because we were able to hit other people in the head with foam arrows shot out of bows. I also liked that I could go to sleep late and I liked all the options of food that was there. Overall I didn’t exactly like the learning advance because of all of the work, but because it is a learning advance I can’t get to annoyed about it, also I am exited to go on another trip.

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