How it started how it’s going summative blog post

For this blog post we were supposed to reflect on the how it started/how it’s going project in humanities.

For the project we created a meme about a modernized old panting or drawing. I picked a picture from the Renaissance by Albrecht Dürer. Next I had to make the drawing reflect me and my worldview, so I put my face on the  panting, my favourite shoes and hat, and put modern things into it. I put a paint gun in for a weapon and an iPhone timer instead of an hourglass. I think I did well because I put in a bit of things into the painting without changing what it means. I think I could have made the things I put in look like part of the panting even more. Here are what I did for the milestones:

For Milestone 1 we made a meme about how we felt at the start of the PLP year compared about how we felt later in the year. I felt happy because I used Monty Python jokes for my meme.

for Milestone 2 we had to create a MindNode collage about our worldview and how it affects our life. I liked this milestone because it was easy how easy and fast it was to make it, and I felt like I learned about how I could talk about my worldview.

for Milestone 3 we had to write a test about how one aspect of worldview affects the way we see the world. I think the test went well but it could have gone better if I wasn’t as pressured to do well.  I like thinking about things and writing on my own time.

for Milestone 4 we had to create a worldview collage in book creator and make a statement about what you chose. I liked this milestone because it was easy and I pretty much knew what I was going to put down. I chose the shape of a lightbulb for my ideas and picked different pictures and coloured them for an infographic kind of collage.

for Milestone 5 we had to create a how it started (original art) and how it is going (modernized art). This milestone took some thinking because I had to think about how I can make the art kinda seem like it is in modern times.

In total this project was fun and hard at the same time because there were times when it was difficult to complete a milestone and there were times when it was fun and exiting and I blasted my way through a milestone.

I like how my group looked into history then made original art using our own worldviews and technology. I found it exiting seeing our art in a museum for the public to see.

Here are the link for the museum and exhibition guide:


exhibition guide

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great weekend!

Blogging challenge day 7

For today’s blog I had to create a story from emojis. Here are the emojis that I got:

 The story that I created is not that long but it was pretty exciting to think of and write. Even though it took a bit to think of a good story, it was really worth it.

One day George was on his way home from school. He was really bored because it was the same way he went home every single day.

On the way home he stopped a grocery store.  He got a lollipop with his extra pocket money that he had left after he spent almost all of it on his school lunch.

However, this day he decided to take a tram because it would be faster than walking. He also liked it because it let him take some time to think of what to do after he got home.

When George was looking around the tram he spotted a rugby ball. He decided to see if it would be fun if he could throw it at things and try to hit different stuff in the tram.

Even though he wasn’t allowed to throw the ball around the tram it was fun to do it! He felt like a devil for doing it, because he hadn’t broken any rules before. He started off by hitting the seat across from him then the wall on the other side of the tram. He eventually was hitting bugs on the roof above him.

He was so happy at the end of the tram ride that he wanted to do it again, but he had to get home. Ever since then he always found a fun way to keep himself interested on future tram rides. He never got in trouble but every day was very exciting!

I hope you liked my story even though it might have not made sense. Thank you and good night.


Blogging challenge day 6

For today’s blog post we’re supposed to share three things about music. The three things that I did were make some music, share some facts about the trombone, and made a playlist of my favourite songs.

You can find the music that I created here.

Facts I learned about the trombone were that it was first used in Europe in the 15th century when it was known as the sackbut. The sackbut looked like the trombone but it had a longer slide and kind of resembled a bugle. There was also a valved trombone that instead of having a slide had valves like a trumpet. The version that interested me the most was the superbone. The superbone had valves AND a slide which was really weird and interesting at the same time.

Here is my playlist that I created.

Thank you for talking the time to read my blog and I hope you liked the music and facts.

Blogging challenge day 5

So for today’s blog I had to put a new widget into my blog to make it more interesting. I chose to put in a visitor tracker that tracks who visits my blog. I did this because I have always wondered who visits my blog because I have not known If there has been people that I don’t know who have read it. I know this has been a short blog post but thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Airplane photo

For this blog post I had to make a picture that was original. I decided to use this picture because it shows how much I like airplanes and how much I like drawing. The steps I took to crate this was:

•I created a rough draft in pencil,

•Next I made any last minute changes,

•Lastly I coloured in everything and made everything bolder.

The reason I made the colour orange was that at the time, orange was my favourite colour. The whole drawing took me about half an hour.  I’m really proud of it because it’s the best airplane drawing that I have made.

This picture connects to my worldview because I like travelling to new places as well as places that I have already been to. Planes let you travel all over the world faster than if you drove. It also connects to my worldview because I like airplanes (this is my favourite type of airplane – the 727 ).

Airplanes are really interesting because they fly in the sky, and how unique they are has always made me like airplanes. Because I am not able to travel right now, I spend time building new plane designs in video games. Airplanes are a big part of my life now and hopefully always.  I like airplanes so much that I want to be a pilot in the future.



Something you didn’t know about the 747

Hello and welcome to my blog post today which is about airplanes and something you probably didn’t know about the Boeing 747. One thing I found out about the 747 was that the 747 concept plane was way different than it is now.

The plane was originally to have been shorter, stubbier, and be fully two levels. After that, the concept plane was redesigned, and this was the result:

I have a feeling that it was supposed to be like the plane above since the plane was quite light, but I think the concept design was a bit ugly because the three engined concept doesn’t fit the plane. I like the way the plane looks now.

Here is a video to better describe it.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the 747 and thank you for reading my blog.