Airplane photo

For this blog post I had to make a picture that was original. I decided to use this picture because it shows how much I like airplanes and how much I like drawing. The steps I took to crate this was:

•I created a rough draft in pencil,

•Next I made any last minute changes,

•Lastly I coloured in everything and made everything bolder.

The reason I made the colour orange was that at the time, orange was my favourite colour. The whole drawing took me about half an hour.  I’m really proud of it because it’s the best airplane drawing that I have made.

This picture connects to my worldview because I like travelling to new places as well as places that I have already been to. Planes let you travel all over the world faster than if you drove. It also connects to my worldview because I like airplanes (this is my favourite type of airplane – the 727 ).

Airplanes are really interesting because they fly in the sky, and how unique they are has always made me like airplanes. Because I am not able to travel right now, I spend time building new plane designs in video games. Airplanes are a big part of my life now and hopefully always.  I like airplanes so much that I want to be a pilot in the future.



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