The more things change – summative post

In The More Things Change unit, we learned about New France and about the effects of European exploration. Me and Julian made a video about one survival tip that we thought people should know. We chose to do our video about how to make a shelter. It went well but it could have gone faster if we worked more efficiently.

The last project that we did was making an infographic about how European exploration affected all the people involved. We also completed a Pages package with a lot of things in it. One of the things that was in it was an Iron Chef protocol package about facts that we found about Quebec. I found that Cirque De SoleiIl was based in Quebec. Also I learned that coureurs des bois were unlicensed fur traders.

I was also proud of what Julian and I managed to make. The only thing I wish we did was make it faster.

My favourite part of this project is when me and Julian were putting little jokes into it even though almost all of them were taken out except for one picture I took of one copy:

The only difference was the that I put in was the Arrow.

I learned that European exploration helped a lot more than I thought because instead of helping for a short time it helped for hundreds of years. I think if I could do the project again I could’ve tweaked it a bit to make it better but it is very good for the time we had.

(Our infographic up in the school)

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Destination Imagination reflection

For Destination Imagination, my group was supposed to make a video for our main challenge instead of being in person because we aren’t allowed to get togther in large groups. I was kind of happy that it was a video because I get nervous public speaking in person and might have forgotten my lines.

Our group picked the technical challenge and called ourselves “Technically Happy”.

We were challenged to make a video about a adventurer that finds the ultimate prize, BUT you had to kinda make it in a video game style. I think that it was great but it had a few problems because it could have been longer in some parts and the background was a bit dark.

There was also some cut content that used to be in the video. There used to be a section in the trial arena where you could see all the events leading up to what happened in that mini scene. We just didn’t really have the time to make it look real, and it wouldn’t have fit within the time limit.

My team worked well together because we all had something important that we completed, which was basically, Aaron- SFX Declan- music, Cooper- sound effects, Julian+ Me- final weapon thingy.

I am really proud of what we made in the time we had. We thought it was so good that we decided to make a game about it.

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Blogging challenge reflection post

For this blog I was supposed to make a reflection post about all the other blogging challenge blogs that I have done.

I think I have gotten to be pretty good at writing blogs but I could get better at it. I think I can get better at having less text in my blogs.

The hardest blog post was, even though all the blogs were easy, was the Quality commenting. Even though it was easy, it was the hardest because we had to comment on three blogs. I took so long because it was hard to find a blog post that was easy enough to make a detailed comment on.

My favourite blog post that was very exciting to make was the one about the Antonov 224 Myra. It was the most exciting because I really like airplanes. One thing that I didn’t mention in is was that I originally was going to do it about the Lockheed Constellation. I switched the topic because I didn’t have a lot to write about the constellation. I put in a good amount of work to my blogs, and I am really happy about it.

I think that I will probably continue to blog after this but because I am going to go into PLP again next year I will definitely write more blogs.

Thanks for reading perhaps my last blog in the blogging challenge.