Destination Imagination reflection

For Destination Imagination, my group was supposed to make a video for our main challenge instead of being in person because we aren’t allowed to get togther in large groups. I was kind of happy that it was a video because I get nervous public speaking in person and might have forgotten my lines.

Our group picked the technical challenge and called ourselves “Technically Happy”.

We were challenged to make a video about a adventurer that finds the ultimate prize, BUT you had to kinda make it in a video game style. I think that it was great but it had a few problems because it could have been longer in some parts and the background was a bit dark.

There was also some cut content that used to be in the video. There used to be a section in the trial arena where you could see all the events leading up to what happened in that mini scene. We just didn’t really have the time to make it look real, and it wouldn’t have fit within the time limit.

My team worked well together because we all had something important that we completed, which was basically, Aaron- SFX Declan- music, Cooper- sound effects, Julian+ Me- final weapon thingy.

I am really proud of what we made in the time we had. We thought it was so good that we decided to make a game about it.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a good morning.


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