Blogging challenge day 10


For this blog post we were supposed to create a blog about anything we wanted. I chose to make my post about one of my favourite planes – the Antonov 224 Myra.

I chose this plane because it is very unique – it is the heaviest plane in the world.

One fun thing I learned about this plane is that there is only one of it and it was originally supposed to be used to fly a spaceship up to 30,000 feet and have the spaceship take off of it. This would save costs when compared from launching a spaceship from the ground.

The plane also costs $200,000,000 to make, which really surprised me.

Something else that is really interesting is that it is so big, the Wright brothers could have made their first flight inside of its cargo bay.

The plane was made in the USSR.  It was completed during the time where the USSR was dissolving, which is why there was never a second Antonov 224.

If you really want to see the plane up close, you can rent it for only $30,000 an hour.

If I didn’t describe it well, enough here is a video that explains it better:

Thanks for reading this blog because it definitely has been my favourite to make!

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