User Manual



Hi, this is my User Manual. My favourite part is the settings because it tells the most about me.

User Guide: Ben

 Brand: Grade 8 Student

Model: Ben Tuck Model 13


Ben Tuck’s functions include:

  • Loving airplanes
  • dog walking
  • fast skiing
  • trombone playing
  • knowing everything about cars


Before you access Ben, you will need to make sure you have music.  He responds well to classic rock.



You can access Ben by using iMessage or by email. You can also reach him by yelling very loudly because if you don’t he won’t hear you if he is listening to music.


Ben only has two settings: PLP student and normal person.

Setting 1: PLP student

This is Ben’s setting that is usually used during 9:30 am – 2:55 pm (for unknown reasons the setting turns off early). 

Setting 2: Normal person 

In normal person mode Ben usually is out on his family’s boat or normally out at restaurants, or sometimes he rarely even gets out of his house. 


This device may…

  • often make random jokes
  • Sometimes gets distracted from work 
  • Randomly tells weird facts.


Problem Solution
You find that I am distracted Kindly remind me to get back on task
You see that my assignments could be better Try giving me more specific help


Fuel with chocolate milk and chocolate bars.

Be clear what you mean when talking to Ben.

Refresh by telling the device Garfield and Far side jokes.

I felt like the project was fun because It started out at being hard to start but it ended up being very fun after I started working on it.

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