Correlation Vs Causation Reflection

For the Correlation vs Causation project we were put into groups and tasked to create a survey that asks multiple questions to determine if one thing influences the other.

Our survey was a success because of how many people answered it, but, most of them were just random answers that had no correlation to the answer.


Planning and conducting:

For this competency I think I did well because I used my iPad to help complete work and I felt like my group and I made the project as good as it could be.

Communicating and Representing

For the second competency, my team and I used words in the survey to describe what we wanted answered and we represented the answers that we got well in our presentation.

Applying and Innovating:

For the last competency I felt like I helped my team a good amount without many distractions. I think the work I did showed creativity around the survey and graphing concepts.

Overall I felt like I applied what I learned in my past milestones to help me complete this project and I had fun doing it.

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