THIS IS YOU (Opportunities for Girls) Firefighter, Coast Guard, & Navy

Secondary Student Career Exploration Day


Grade 11 and 12 students are invited to join us at AME Roundup on January 22, 2018 to explore the breadth of careers within the mining industry. This program is sponsored by Teck.

Early career professionals from several fields in the industry will share stories of their interests, education and career path with the students. They will be joined by professional geologist, Patrick McAndless, who will share his insight on career development. MineralsEd partner-teacher Bruce Kiloh  will facilitate this program. Students will be accompanied by volunteers, most of them post-secondary students and young professionals in related fields, as they explore the large conference trade show with representatives from the exploration companies, mining companies, and many technical supply and service businesses that are part of the mineral development sector. Students will also enjoy learning how to pan for gold with Yukon Dan.

Federal Student Work Experience Program



A program offering full-time students work experience in the federal public service.

We have a wide variety of cool jobs from coast to coast, varying from outdoor field work and research to office positions in administration, IT and finance, from work in trades to policy and communications and many more.

Apply to these jobs through the Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory. You will receive email notifications when you have been selected for a job opportunity.

Here is the link


Digital Bootcamp

No push ups, no obstacle course, just pure awesomeness. Want to find out more about your career in digital arts and entertainment? This multi-day, jam-packed adventure is a combination of education and hands-on experience for those in grade 10,11, and 12 with a passion for the digital arts. Students will take part in a designated Bootcamp mission that will allow students to test-drive the digital arts program of their choice. Bootcamp is truly a not-to-be missed hands-on learning experience that could lead to your dream career.
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