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RCMP BC Youth Advisory Committee


Advisory Committee (YAC) is an online social media based committee focused on discussing key youth issues and providing guidance to the RCMP. Usually, we do coordinate one large gathering near spring break and/or regional meetings with no cost to the youth. We have a 30 spots available for the 2019/2020 school year.
If you are looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity, and have a passion for contributing to change, this might be a good opportunity.

Registration closes September 2oth.  See Ms. Bramley for more info.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

Interested in a super exciting career?  Train to become a marine first responder and get 4 credits towards your high school graduation.

Come see Ms. Bramley for more information and the application form.

BC Youth Advisory Committee with the RCMP

Interested in making a change and having a voice within the RCMP to represent youth and to gain insight on how to deliver effective youth strategies and initiatives?  See flyer below or come see Ms. Bramley for more information.