Join VFS over Spring Break for two fun-filled days exploring careers in the entertainment industry!


March 18-19, 2019
March 20-21, 2019


Our Creative Break camps feature hands-on workshops led by experienced professionals in VFX, Classical Animation, Acting, Makeup, Digital Design, Film Production, Writing and Sound Design. You will learn about B.C.’s booming creative economy, and discover how VFS’ unique one-year intensive education model can quickly launch you into a career in the industry.


  • Makeup Design: Makeup for stage + Screen: from Trauma to Tattoos
  • Writing: Creating a TV Series
  • Acting: Audition, Cash, Shoot: Script to Screen in Two Days
  • Sound Design: Intro to Protocols
  • The Future of Motion Graphics – Design and Animate a Futuristic User Interface (FUI)
  • Classical Animation
  • Movie VFX
  • Film Production: Cinematic Storytelling
  • Film Production: Finishing the Story: Editing & Post Production



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