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This last year we watched high school students take the lead on climate changefrom Greta Thunberg to the tens of thousands of teens who took the streets in Vancouver, and millions across the world striking for climate action, with another walkout expected on Friday, April 3rd. Moving with that momentum, British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) would like to invite high school classes to join our new Cool It! high school climate change training program! Our interdisciplinary program for grades 8 through 12 is designed to empower British Columbia youth to become sustainability ambassadors and transform their climate knowledge into climate action.

Climate Education Program for High School Students


Workshops are fun and interactive, and delivered by experienced Environmental Educators. Workshops focus on understanding climate change systems and climate science and translating this information into taking individual and collective climate action. Depending on the objectives of your classroom and students, and availability of time, teachers can choose from one to three sessions. The program in partnership with the City of North Vancouver is FREE for high school classes and, offers fun prizes for students and classes. 
Module One – Individual Action (4 weeks)
BCSEA will provide optional pre and post-workshop activities, and an in-class workshop. Following the workshop, students join our online four-week climate challenge ( to take action at home to reduce their carbon footprints (e.g., making litter-free lunches, LED bulbs, cycling instead of driving, planting herbs, eating local and meat-free food, etc.). 


Module Two – Collective Action (6 – 8 weeks)
Using a supporting Climate Toolkit and second workshop to support their inspiration and planning, students will be guided through the process of delving into one of the challenge categories and will come up with a community action project to work on to inspire others to take action. Classes interested in working through to prototypes can join a fun, interactive final session we called a Community Market where students pitch their project ideas and/or prototypes to each other, followed by a celebration of their hard work! 

Please email for more information or to register. We are very keen to work with you and your students.  

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